la piccola miniera

The Piccola Miniera is a work completely rebuilt with natural and authentic materials, thus becoming an artistic masterpiece that gives a real and concrete introduction to the complex extraction system of the various Elban minerals.

There are various types of educational services within the company:

  • The Etruscan Mining Museum with clear references to the specific historical period with guided tours
  • The Laboratory where it is possible to touch the various processing phases for the creation of unique jewels
  • The Enoteca-Tasting in which the most important gastronomic products of the territory are proposed and told (wine, honey, oil, …)


Educational workshops for children, where children are directly involved in manual work with the use of Elban minerals.

qualified staff

Preparation and assistance by qualified and experienced staff who help the customer in all phases of the purchase.

organization and speed

Organization and speed in welcoming large groups of people (bus).